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In an even more global world, undergoing a process of major changes in paradigms, GetEasy Limited has emerged. An innovative company specialised in the commercialisation of products and services, which is prominent on the world market under the “Commodate” concept.
Commodate is not a new concept but it is one of the latest market trends, annually generating around 100,000 M€ in revenue. It can be summarised as being a bilateral, free-of-charge agreement whereby one of the parties (the bailer) provides the other (bailee) with the temporary use of an object (movable or immovable), through delivery, with the obligation to return it and in our case a service agreement is always attached.
Since its start GetEasy has built a partnership  with the best development, technology and production companies from various business areas, thereby ensuring it’s positioning as a leading company.
Our  line of products that we are presenting is GetEasy Tracker, products in the field of the location of vehicles, people, animals, cargo, containers, fixed or mobile assets, amongst other options. The ideal technology for any monitoring or management in real time. Other product lines are already being prepared with a view to launch in the second half of 2014.
We are convinced that people are the most most valuable asset of any company or institution and this is why we have adopted Market Networks and Relationship Marketing as our main expansion strategy.
If you are interested in taking a major step forward in your life, or if you are looking for a way of complementing your current income, in GetEasy you have a sound, sustainable and reliable solution which will undoubtedly allow you to look towards the future with renewed hope.
Join our team and be part of this revolution because, definitely… Now it’s your turn!
GetEasy Team.

Acting with passion and integrity: Here at GetEasy we believe that the result we seek can be attained by people who work as a team, with pride, honesty and dedication to the work in progress. We are more than a company, we are a group of people who are proud of everything we do, our partners who are extremely important in this quest for success and in the community we are inserted in. We operate in accordance with the highest ethical standards in our relationships, be it between employees or with partners, customers and suppliers.

Rewarding results: The performances of people and teams are encouraged and recognized by means of compensations and rewards.

Respecting diversity: Diversity makes our company stronger. The total sum of our languages, cultures, skills and personalities make our company stronger, capable of respond with promptitude to that which the market expects from a new technologies’ company.

Satisfying our customers: The satisfaction of our customers is the most important factor behind the success of our company. The ongoing search for the development of products which have a very pronounced innovation component and which may be an asset to your business.

Speed in innovations: On an increasingly competitive market, innovation is a must. The speed of innovation and commitment to solutions are key elements in the strengthening of our company’s position on the market.

The search for excellence in everything we do: We aim high as far as standards of excellence are concerned, irrespective of the size of the task we have in our hands. We wish to achieve this standard without compromising our efforts, quality and speed of implementation. Partnerships have become the master key to ensuring this excellence from day 1, despite the fact that our company is still quite young.


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Product Line


GetEasy presents its new product: GetMusic.
Music is an art form and one of the biggest communication vehicles in the world. As such, GetEasy joined the platform music Pleimo and created a new product targeted to all Members.
Discover a little more about GetMusic and the new packages that we have created for you.


With GL200 geolocator you can know the exact location of your vehicle, pet or people even. In today’s world, the geolocation has become an asset that can make all the difference, both in your professional life and in your personal life. As a company, this service can rise you to a level of professionalism and competitiveness that will highlight you in its segment. In your personal life, the locator gives you the ability to control a child, a pet or even a sick relative who needs continued attention.

One way or another, the geo-location is here to stay and their service is one of the great certainties of the future, creating a world of opportunities.


Opportunity to change your life? WE HAVE IT!


Av. Praia Grande, 599 - 8andar D - Macau,


Portugal: +351 218 510 676 – 218 023 779
Macau: +853 8294-2489

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